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Trading can be hard, we all know, but you have to defeat it anyway so you can be profitable! You need to learn trading & its principles. Once you've  learnt all of that overtime whilst keeping your emotions in control under all conditions then you could aim for more consistent profits with trading. Now if that is not you then we can help as,

We have been trading manually for a long time, and are very successful in what we do.

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We Will Pass Your FTMO, My Forex Funds, The Prop Firm Challenge

If you want to get your FTMO, or MY Forex Funds or The Prop Firm challenge passed we can help. We will pass all phases of the challenge manually to get you onto a fully funded account of your choice. As trading is risky and the market changes hourly we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If we don’t pass you will receive a 100 % refund, although we are 99% sure we will smash it (smashtradingright)


Passed Challenges

We Pass Your Challenge For You!

Please Read Our Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions. Once You Have Purchased Our Service, Fill In The Details Inside The Terms & Conditions And Send It To Us Through The Relevant Telegram Chanel. We Will Not Begin Trading On Your Behalf Until The Document Is Signed and returned to us.

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